How smartphones are taking over our lives

Technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people communicate today. As the communication paraphernalia continues to expand with the advent of cell phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets, they have changed the lives of people drastically. However, the general euphoria felt initially that these gizmos would alter people’s lives for the better, has begun to wane. The excessive use of technology has already started showing its detrimental effects. Read more

Play video games to manage late-life depression

Playing video games on one’s mobiles, tablets or PCs, considered as a form of entertainment, is hardly taken seriously. However, a recent study has found out its potential to treat late-life depression (among individuals aged 60 and above). Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences and UW Medicine found promising results for treating depression with playing video games. As per the researchers, video game interface can help treat depression by targeting the underlying cognitive issues associated with it. Read more

Binge watching emerges as major mental health threat in U.S.

A person sitting in front of the television set without getting up for hours is probably aptly known as a couch potato. With internet revolution, laptops, tablets and cell phones have replaced the television sets to a great extent for the couch potatoes as they watch their favorite shows online, one after the other. This new trend has been named as binge watching.   Read more

Glut of news may make you depressed

People generally want to stay informed, and when they want to be “in the know,” they turn to a source that is trusted and easily available: the evening news bulletin. Two decades ago, viewers would turn on the news, get 30 minutes of information and then go about their day. Today’s viewers have whole channels dedicated to news that are constantly running on a 24-hour basis. The constant bombardment is beginning to make some people depressed. Read more