WHO to declare video game addiction a mental disorder?

The speculation of labeling playing video game as a mental disorder has been rife since long and the World Health Organization (WHO) is all set to take action. The 11th update of WHO’s International Classification of Diseases has defined gaming disorder as “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video gaming’), which may be online (i.e., over the Internet) or offline.” The indications of this disorder are: Read more

Depression does not discriminate, it can affect even singers

Like any other mental illness, depression does not discriminate. It does not care whether you live in a mansion or on the streets. It does not care to check your bank balance or occupation. No matter who you are or what your background is, you have a chance of suffering from depression. Read more

Law students prefer to be silent about their depression, alcohol and drug use: Study

The substance abuse problem has acquired the status of an epidemic in the United States, and no section of the society is untouched by it, not even the highly qualified professionals. According to a study published in the Bar Examiner magazine in December 2015, law students suffering from an addiction and/or a mental illness are reluctant to make their problem public, fearing they might lose the right to practice law later. Read more