Study finds screen addiction major cause behind unhappiness in teens

The smile on the face of a teen, bent over to play a game or post an update on his/her social media account on the smartphone, may not necessarily be an indication of happiness but could signal the level of involvement. A new study conducted to determine the outcome of the long hours spent on the electronic devices has concluded that more time spent in front of the screen coincided with lesser happiness among the youth. Read more

This Does Not Define Us: Utah student association video aims at improving mental health

Over the years, studies have given evidence of poor mental health conditions at colleges and universities. In fact, the Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) declared a mental health crisis at the universities last year. A year since the declaration, student leaders and administrators continue to make efforts to improve the state of mental health affairs on campus.

As part of these efforts, the USUSA has created a video titled “This Does Not Define Us,” which encourages students to reach out to family, friends and roommates when they feel alone. The idea of the video is to spread the message that nobody is ever alone, there is always somebody or the other to seek help from. “Friends, parents and best mates are here for you, ready to listen, wanting to help,” says the video. Read more