How viable are digital therapies in treating mental health issues

As treatment methods for mental health illness are evolving by the day, the foray of digital technology in this direction isn’t surprising. Currently, there are many apps such as Code Blue, Breathe2Relax and Lantern, which use the easy accessibility of the mobile platform to help people find a solution for their mental health issues. Some of these apps, such as the PTSD Coach, also provides the facility to store contacts, find treatment programs in the vicinity and contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in case there is an urgency. Read more

How smartphones are taking over our lives

Technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people communicate today. As the communication paraphernalia continues to expand with the advent of cell phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets, they have changed the lives of people drastically. However, the general euphoria felt initially that these gizmos would alter people’s lives for the better, has begun to wane. The excessive use of technology has already started showing its detrimental effects. Read more