Fair and just people more prone to depression, says study

Depression is a mental problem that can strike anyone, irrespective of the age, gender, ethnicity and social standing. However, certain people are more vulnerable to the condition because of certain risk factors. A recent research by the Rutgers University has indicated that the nature of caring more about others can make one more susceptible to suffer from depression. Read more

Proton pump inhibitors prescribed to heart patients may up risk for depression

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects every aspect of one’s life and to such an extent that it becomes tough for him or her to live and enjoy life. At times, even trying to go through the day can become an overwhelming task. Depression can happen to anyone irrespective of his or her age, gender, culture and background.

Some of the common symptoms experienced by those depressed may include the feeling of sadness, guilt, decreased energy, mood swings, appetite changes, weight gain or weight loss, and suicidal thoughts. While some may experience persistent sadness, others may describe their feelings in terms of a physical condition like pain in their heart. Read more