Break away from isolation to overcome depression

Loneliness and social isolation, as studies suggest, are the two leading risk factors for developing depressive symptoms. Compared to others, people surrounded with friends and family members are able to grapple all challenges and weather any storm with élan. Read more

Are millennials more prone to depression?

Of late, there has been a significant growth in mental health issues in the United States. Sadly, almost 50 percent of people with serious psychological disorders do not receive any treatment. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that it is the millennial generation that is more depressed than the previous generations. Precisely, mental health of millennials is in a precarious state with high rates of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders. Read more

Antidepressants impede treatment outcomes in patients coping with panic disorder, depression

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), more commonly known as antidepressants, are one of the most popular medications prescribed for the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health conditions. These medicines take only a couple of weeks to showcase the effect by stabilizing mood and returning the normal functioning of the brain. Read more

Placebo approach may pave way for new therapeutic depression treatments

Despite being a common mental illness, depression often gets brushed aside in thin air due to inadequate treatment facilities and prevalent social stigma. Depression is a debilitating mental issue that affects millions in the United States every year. According to the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the leading cause of disability in the world affecting more than 300 million people of all age groups.

The persistence of depression for a long period may lead to several health hazards, such as fatigue, insomnia, low appetite and weight loss, overeating and heavy weight gains, thoughts of death and even suicide. However, repercussions of depression can be overcome through placebo treatment. In fact, there is an interesting association between antidepressants and the placebo effect. The level of response of a person to real antidepressants depends on how accurately a person responds to fake medications. Read more