Exercises and meditation help fight depression: Study

The next time you feel low and want to skip your exercises, think again as it may worsen your mood instead of doing any good. A new study has revealed that aerobic exercises and meditation can actually help in fighting depression.

According to the study conducted at Rutgers University’s School of Arts and Sciences, a combination of meditation and aerobic exercises can show positive results even if it is followed just twice a week for two months. Read more

Poor REM sleep may increase depression risk: Study

Sleep is very important for everybody and its deprivation can lead to various problems, including mental and physical. A recent research, titled “Slow dissolving of emotional distress contributes to hyperarousal,” suggested that patients suffering from lack of sleep with bad or restless rapid eye movement (REM) may find it difficult to overcome “emotional distress,” thus increasing their chance of suffering from depression or anxiety. Read more