Understanding pre and postnatal depression in men

The idea of fatherhood is a joy in itself and a man looks forward to this new phase of life. But when a man freaks out, instead of being on cloud nine, at the good news of becoming a father, all is not well.  When the father-to-be gets sleepless nights, when the thought of changing diapers makes him feel uneasy and when the thought of being able to be a good father becomes the biggest fear of his life, then he might be suffering from pre or postnatal depression. Read more

Task force recommends screening of teens for depression

Experts stress on the fact that screening for depression is an important step in its detection and treatment. Keeping this fact in mind, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently recommended necessary screening of adolescents for risks of major depression. The Task Force recommendation, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in February 2016, also adds that the medical evaluation of adolescents must be accompanied by correct diagnosis, effectual therapy and appropriate follow-up. Read more

Understanding mental illnesses through bioscope

Films have always been used as a mass communication tool to send across a message strongly and in an interesting and entertaining way. But it is not easy to capture one’s mental state in the camera. And if done properly, such movies leave a long-term impact on people’s mind. Read more