Feeling SAD: Don’t ignore it as mere ‘winter blues’

To be able to enjoy the sunlight is a boon. The lack of sunshine – a natural mood enhancer – may cause deviation in mood patterns and behaviors, in turn giving vent to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. These signs of depression are classified by clinical psychologists as symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as the winter depression because its traits are more visible during the cold season. Read more

Depression can be an inflammatory response: Study

It is an established fact that depression is a mental health condition caused by chemical imbalance of neurochemicals in the brain, but now some studies suggest that the disorder is also an outcome of an inflammatory response of the body to deal with stress. Read more

Ignoring symptoms of depression in your child can be dangerous

It is important to first understand depression and its symptoms to deal with it. For a layman, experiencing depression is equivalent to experiencing a feeling of anxiety or sadness, followed by a period of lethargy and unhappiness. But according to medical practitioners, depression is a product of our fast-paced lifestyle that also causes insomnia and anxiety. Read more