Not always joyful – Holiday season can be depressing for some

The holiday season may not translate to joy, happiness and festivities for all, as many people struggle with grief, depression and sadness during that time of year. Chartered clinical psychologist and Telegraph columnist Dr Linda Blair has encouraged the need to try to create a Christmas survival guide, further highlighting the fact that the holiday season can be a highly stressful time. This means that depression and mental health can be affected if the season is not managed effectively. Read more

Glut of news may make you depressed

People generally want to stay informed, and when they want to be “in the know,” they turn to a source that is trusted and easily available: the evening news bulletin. Two decades ago, viewers would turn on the news, get 30 minutes of information and then go about their day. Today’s viewers have whole channels dedicated to news that are constantly running on a 24-hour basis. The constant bombardment is beginning to make some people depressed. Read more