Dysthymia’s lingering, but life altering effects

Dysthymia is a form of depression that is considered chronic due to its long-term effects; it lasts for at least two years for adults and at least one year for adolescents. It is similar to major depression in that the symptoms are the same, but in mild form. It is early-set if it begins at the age of 21 and late-set any time after that. Read more

The link between depression and suicide

Feeling sad is very normal from time to time, especially when life events are causing stressful and negative feelings. Major depression is different than brief moments of feeling down. The condition involves long periods of sorrow and unhappiness that begin to take life over and cause a lack of motivation and pleasure. People become apathetic to their usual hobbies and may avoid social events. Treatment is used to contain and lessen the symptoms caused by major depression. Sadly, many people do not seek treatment, and this can lead to drastic, life threatening acts such as suicide. Read more